Corrigan-Camden ISD

Corrigan-Camden Independent School District


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The Corrigan-Camden Technology Department works hard to keep the computers and network running smoothly.

We have over 18 computer labs over four campuses with about 25 computers each totalling 450 lab computers.  Nearly all of our computers come from the Computer Recovery Wynn Unit in Huntsville at no cost to us.  These computers are refurbished from many different goverment agencies and Colleges in Texas.  We also have  4 computers in just about every classroom at the Elementary and Primary schools for the smaller children to use.  This allows them to use Accelerated Reader in the classroom.  Thats almost a 1:2 ratio of computers to children.  Without the refurbished computer program this would not be possible.  Instead of having to buy replacement computers for labs, we were able to spend that money on network infrastructure to bring us up to date.

We have over 50 Aerohive AP's providing wireless internet access to the entire district and are trying out a BYOD program on the High School and Junior High Campuses.